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Me getting up in the morning like 

Hittin’ the keyboard like

Friends comin’ online like


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Untitled by (Nataliya Kalinina)

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"To be vulnerable is death itself, isn’t it? I mean, the whole world is striving to be hip and cool and well-defended. It makes music have a lot of posturing, and not much real human spirit. But a lot of posing and posturing. It’s typical of how we must present ourselves in order to be hip: ‘Don’t mess with me because I’m well defended.’ You would never go, you know, like, ‘please be my friend, I’m not very well defended…’ You wouldn’t offer yourself forward, no. They’d eat you alive…"


— Joni Mitchell, describing the state of the culture into which she releases her music

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anyway here’s my cat

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Yuko Rabbit

"I like the way your hands
move in the sunlight. Even better,
I like the way your hands move
against skin that does not
belong to you. You say so much
but really you keep the most
important words to yourself.
Or better yet, you write that chaotic
mess of meaning into poetry.
How do you do it? How can you
love so many but insist
that you do not deserve
the same love in return? I’ve never
met someone as selfless
as you. I’ve never come across
another person who is able to
give others the amount of hope
that you do. So why not give
some of that energy to yourself?
You’ve spent so much of your time
trying to fix the broken pieces
of those who will just leave
once they are patched up.
Do you think that’s fair? Do you
think that’s love? Have you tried
stitching up your own wounds
before using that thread
on someone who will only end up
tearing it out. Now I know that this
reads more like a lesson
than it does a love poem,
but I am being aggressive because
I love you more than anyone
could ever promise. I hope you
don’t hate me after this. I hope
you don’t see your faults
as flaws, or your dedication
as something that should be
removed. You are beautiful,
and you are as gentle as the way
the morning kisses the mist.
So please, try to love yourself
more. Try to see that you are
much more than a nurturer
to the weak. Try to see that you
need love just as much
as those who have been swallowed
by their own darkness.
You radiate so much light
that I know it can be hard to see
the shadows in your eyes.
But I see them, and I know you are
not as strong as you say.
So turn over your open sign,
lock the doors and use your time
off to say to yourself what you
always seem to say to others;
you are beautiful and you will
survive, I promise. Because if
there is anyone that can turn
their pain into poetry, their pain
into a new way of healing,
it’s you."

"A love poem to myself," - Colleen Brown (via larmoyante)

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are you coming back to bed babe


are you coming back to bed babe

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